The interest in art and the peculiar taste for the use of a noble material, Wood, is not a new feeling and dates back to ancient times dating from the early twentieth century.

Scarce family records indicate that a generation of parents and children, Bernardo Vilão Simões, descendant of a Coimbrã family ,have been be responsible for the care that the current generation shows daily in the exercise of their profession.

Their influence will significantly marked the artistic culture of the different generations that preceded it.

Given the lack of technological resources at the time, Bernardo revealed himself artfully when producing, with the few means available to it, as work tools specific to woodworking.

Your know-how that level gave him work on the lines of railway (then under construction) specifically in the construction of warehouses that supported the trains dedicated to freight.

One of his trips to Oporto gave him an unexpected encounter that would change the course of his life. Frequent visits to Vila Nova de Gaia, where village dated and later married, led him to establish emotional roots with these neighbouring lands of the Douro.


The Carpenter profession continued next to Devesas Station, where he established his specialty.

The quality of his work was increasingly appreciated, allowing him, years later, opening a small workshop with a few employees, providing services and carrying out carpentry work in general.

Their artisan wisdom was passed on to his two direct descendants men, Serafim and David Pereira Simões that, over time, demonstrated to be faithful successors of their father’s labor philosophy, although they presented different skills within the same area.

The family lives of both brothers unrolled up close to each other which facilitated the creation of another small workshop, now under the youngest brother’s management, Serafim Simões Pereira, designed to operate in the field of mechanical carpentry.

The late activity was exclusively the responsibility of the older brother, David, whose work developed revealed an unprecedented run of quality.

The ability to perform works that were only available to some of the most brilliant minds, whether from the technological point of view or the artistic point of view, gave David the ability to exercise a profession, such as mold carpenter, even though he was always connected to the company founded by his brother, as he needed technical resources to his labor.

The acquisition of some machines fomented the increasing quality of the work performed and the ability to perform it more specifically and complex, which has favoured the popularity of the company within the main competitors. SPSS Lda design company appears in 1913 as a small mechanical carpentry that over time has become a renowned workshop objects and furniture collection.