The company Serafim Pereira Simões Successors Ltd (SPSS Lda) reference to his approach to furniture design in perfect symbiosis among the most innovative production techniques applied to wood and the tradition of craft production.

As the sustainable development stands as one of its main pillars, SPSS design constantly seeks the natural balance between Material, Technology and Design. Wood is an odd material in terms of efficiency as it has the virtue of being fully useable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Besides the fact that it comes from a natural and renewable resource, the forest, it is considered the most environmentally suitable material for whatever its transformation process, consumes less energy, its waste is reusable and generates less air pollution and water than any other process applied in competing industrial areas.

Products designed based on this material, once finalized its life cycle, if they can not be recycled, they can be used as fuel in energy recovery processes.




Wood is a noble material, very efficient, fully usable, recyclable and biodegradable.


Wood promotes thermal equilibrium of spaces and provides a sense of comfort.


The modernization and rapid specialization enables the design of innovative wood products.


The company SPSS design Lda held in recent years, a restructuring of its usual mode of workiing, having integrated into its shop floor new employees with specific tecnhical training as well as modern technological equipment to support production.

These integrate specific fields, including design area and product development (CAD / CAM), numerical control machining centers (CNC) and also cutting and engraving laser equipment. The productive capacity of the company means, is also enhanced by specific and dedicated programming systems.

The company is enhanced today by modernization and rapid specialization being able to meet the changing requirements of increasingly demanding and competitive markets, presenting innovative designed wood products.


In daily live we are surrounded by objects in which the natural wood has a major role in matching different environments. Applied on walls, floors and ceilings, promotes thermal balance of the areas (acting as heat and sound insulation) to provide a broad sense of comfort and therefore a more healthy life.

Used in many areas of the construction its on design, including interiors, furniture and objects, sculptures, that SPSS design Lda company develops its activity, working in national and international projects of contemporary architecture, designed by some of the best Portuguese architects of today, as others abroad.